Took a trip to Miami for WMC / MMW. I got to meet a lot of awesome people, made some new friends, and had fun at all of the parties. This is a small recap of my trip. 
The music is my brand new single “HELEN OF TROY” which is available as a free download here:

The official video to my new single “Polaroid.” Download it here

I got the inspiration for this track from an old One Step Polaroid camera that I own. It’s sitting as decor in my studio and I opened it while I was feeling uninspired. I love the sound that it makes while it loads the flash and I decided to sample it. You can hear it clearly behind the plucks starting at 0:46 and at 2:59. Besides that “sample” everything else you hear was pretty much created from scratch. The album cover is a bunch of Polaroids from my wedding. I’m very excited to share this track with you, hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think! Although I received a few offers from small labels for this track I decided to make it available for free in celebration for the launch of my new live visual dj set / podcast “Giflovin” watch it on YouTube or on

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